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Dental braces are dental devices used to align and straighten teeth. To apply braces, your dentist or orthodontist attaches brackets (or bands) to each tooth with a glue. Arch wires are fitted into all the brackets and are usually held in place with rubber or wire ties PRE BRACE POST BRACE

Before and After Black triangle ( gaps between your teeth)

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BEFORE AFTER Black triangle are gaps between your teeth caused by diminishing gum tissue. Dental bonding is a procedure to close the gap or black triangle. No preparation needed and is usually covered by your insurance. Ask for it. Show your great smile!

Before and After black triangle procedure

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Happy Mother’s day|Markham Dentist | Markham Dental | Kids Dental | Dental Hygiene | Dentist Markham | Dentist | Covid-19 | Covid-19 Vaccine

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Happy Mother's day to all moms! Just a reminder that our dental clinic remains open. Please don't delay your appointments to prevent any major problems like cavities etc. We are following the strictest guidelines re Covid as mandated by Public Health. You may contact us at 905-470-4289. Enjoy this special day!

COVID-19 Vaccinations Clinics | York Region | Markham

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York Region, in partnership with our local hospitals, continues to follow the Province’s three-phased Vaccine Distribution Plan. We are currently in Phase 1 of the plan. Learn More: CLICK HERE

Happy Family Day| Markham Dentist | Markham Dental | Kids Dental | Dental Hygiene | Dentist Markham | Happy New Year | Dentist | Covid-19 | Covid-19 Vaccine

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Enjoy everyone! For all your dental needs, please contact The Dental Hauz at 905 470 4289. Please visit thedentalhauz.com

Happy Chinese New Year| Kids Dental|Markham Dentist|Markham Dentistry for Children |Markham Dental | The Dental Hauz|905 470 4289

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Happy New Year 2021 to all our Chinese friends and families! We appreciate your business!

We are Open | Markham Dentist | Markham Dental | Kids Dental | Dental Hygiene | Dentist Markham | Happy New Year | Dentist | Covid-19 | Covid-19 Vaccine

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We are Open! Just in case you're not aware, The Dental Hauz remains open as an essential service. We are here to continue to still provide our patients with safe quality care. On top of our standard routine practices on infection prevention and control like proper use of PPE, washing hands, wearing masks and social distancing, [...]

COVID-19 UPDATE: Dentist in Markham | Markham Dental | Markham Dentist | Cosmetic Dentistry.

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Markham Dentist | Markham Dental | Kids Dental | Dental Hygiene | Dentist Markham |Merry Christmas 2020

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Wishing our Dental families and friends a Merry Christmas and Wonderful New Year!

Halloween| Best dentist in Markham |Markham dentist |Covid 19|dental care kids |dental dental hygienist

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Halloween at The Dental Hauz

Hepa air filter|Covid-19 update| Markham dentist|Dental hygiene|kids dental

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The Dental Hauz offers variety of extra safety precautions to keep our patients safe against Covid-19. All our operatories have Hepa air filtration system. Hepa air filter is designed to remove small, irritating and harmful particles from the air. Health experts believe that infected droplets and aerosols that contain Covid-19 are large enough to be trapped [...]

Markham Dentist | Markham Dental | Kids Dental | Dental Hygiene | Dentist Markham | Autumn Markham|Dental care|WHO

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Happy Thanksgiving to all our clients, family and friends!

Markham Dentist | Markham Dental | Kids Dental | Dental Hygiene | Dentist Markham | Autumn Markham

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The Dental Hauz is wishing you a beautiful and bright Autumn! The falling leaves of yellows, orange and reds, the cool breeze in the morning are sure signs that Fall is here. Wishing everyone a safe and healthy fall season!

Kids Dental Markham | Markham Dentist | Dental Hygiene | Markham Dental | The Dental Hauz

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At The Dental Hauz, we make sure that your kids visit to the dentist is not overwhelming and scary. The dentist and the staff are here to ensure that your little ones feel at ease and their dental experience fun and awesome. The Dental Hauz is a general dentistry clinic. We focus on good oral hygiene [...]

COVID-19 UPDATE | Dentist near me | Dentist Markham | Dental Hygienist | Disinfection solution against Covid-19

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COVID-19 UPDATE: Dentist near me | Dentist Markham | Dental Hygienist | Disinfection solution against Covid-19 | 905.470.4289 | Routine cleaning followed by disinfection of frequently touched surfaces like dental chairs, sinks, doorknobs, light switches, counters, handrails, computers is recommended for prevention of Covid-19. The Dental Hauz only used disinfectant solution that is approved in Canada [...]

COVID-19 UPDATE: Healthy Kids |Dental Kids

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https://youtu.be/0vkaLS3Ce-8 Healthy Kids | Dentist in Markham | Markham Dentist | Markham Dental Clinic | Markham Dental Office | Physical Activity for Kids. 905.470.4289 Looking for a Dental Hygienist in Markham? This Markham Dental Clinic has one of the best Dental Hygienists in Markham which provides great dental care in Markham. This Markham Dental Office is [...]

COVID-19 Update | Markham Dentist | Cosmetic Dentistry | 905.470.4289

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Welcome to The Dental Hauz | Markham Dentist | General & Cosmetic | Markham Dentistry located in Markham, ON. We are one of the best Dental Clinics, which provides great dental care in Markham. We offer variety of general dentist services including braces and invisalign and kids dental care. We do direct billing so you don't [...]

COVID-19 UPDATE: NO COVID FEES | Dentist in Markham | Dental Clinic Markham

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https://vimeo.com/446685525 As we recognized the effect of Covid-19 on the community's financial status, The Dental Hauz opted out of incurring additional costs like Covid fees to our patients. You are our family! We care!

Covid-19: Ontario moving to stage 3 Re-Opening plan. Enjoy the outdoors in Lake Muskoka!

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https://youtu.be/dWPcBbfhHnY Have a good Civic Holiday from Lake Muskoka - The Dental Hauz

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